Marble Industry in Rajasthan

Marble Industry in Rajasthan: Rajasthan has a large spectrum of minerals in which building stones enjoy an important place. Marble occupies a unique position among building stones due to its pleasant look and easy carving. The term marble is derived from the Latin world "marmor" which itself comes from the Greek root "marmarous", meaning thereby a shining stone. Marble occurrences are widely distributed in India. However, occurrences of economic importance are limited to a few states namely Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Hariyana and Andhra Pradesh. Makrana marble and green marble have became famous world over. Rajasthan has the largest resorces of good quality marble in India. Marble industry of Rajasthan has a very old history, dating back to the time of Mogul Empire when the architectural marvel of the country - Taj Mahal - was built. Temples of Delwara in Mount Abu and Ranakpur are also testimonials of ancient marble industry of princely state of Rajasthan.
About 85% country's production is shared by Rajasthan. It has produced 4278.63 thousand tonnes of marble during 1999-2000 worth for Rs. 42903.15 lac rupees (Sale value). About 46% marble production of the state comes from Rajsamand district. It has produced 1700.844 thousand tonnes of marble against the total production of 3653.312 thousand tonnes during 1999-2000. Nagaur having 581 thousand tonnes production stands second and Alwar ranks third (565 th. tonnes).
Here is some Pictures of Rajasthan Marble Industry:


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