Aak Plant | Aak Flower | Calotropis

Aak Plant: Aak (Hindi) Plant / Flower / Aak Fruit (Dodi) or Calotropis plant (English) is found in Rajasthan or Western Part of India mostly apart from most parts of the world in dry, sandy and alkaline soils and warm climate. Even aak plant is found in all part of India from Punjab and Rajasthan to Assam and Kanyakumari but It grows abundantly in Rajasthan. It is found in its waste lands and grows as a weed in agricultural lands.
Aak plant benefits / Importance:
* The plant is known as aak in Ayurveda and was used in cases of cutaneous diseases, intestinal worms, cough, ascites, asthma, bronchitis, dyspepsia, paralysis, swellings, intermittent fevers, anorexia, inflammations and tumors.
* As mentioned earlier in the article, the plant was described as Aak in Ayurveda and finds its use in many traditional medicines.
* The flowers of the plant are offered to the Hindu deity Shiva and Hanuma
Here is some pictures of Aak Plant with Flower and Fruit clicked in Rajasthan:


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