Rajasthan GK Quiz 262

Rajasthan GK Quiz No. 262: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question from for upcoming RAS, REET, Rajasthan Police Bharti, REET, SI, Constable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. You Can Download Rajasthan GK Free Mobile App for daily current affairs, Rajasthan GK, GK Notes, Objective Quiz at RAJASTHAN GK Mobile App from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.

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Rajasthan GK Quiz No. 262:
Sixteen coins of king Menander have been found frm which of the following sites?
A. Bairat
B. Nagari
C. Rairh
D. Nagar
Answer: A

Which of the following rulers does not belong to Gurjara-Pratihar dynasty?
A. Nagabhatta-II
B. Mahendrapal-I
C. Devapal
D. Bharatrabhatta-I
Answer: D

In pre-medieval kingdoms of Rajasthan. the designation "Naimittika" was used for ?
A. Royal Bard
B. Head of public health department
C. State astrologer
D. Chief Judicial officer
Answer: C

The revolutionary, who was convicted in the Mahant Pyarelal Murder case ?
A. Zorawar Singh
B. Shyamji Krishna Varma
C. Kesari Singh Barhat
D. Vijay singh pathik
Answer: C

Who among the following negotiated suborinate alliance of 1817-18 with princely states of Rajputana ?
A. David Ochterlony
B. Charles Metcalf
C. Arthur Wellesley
D. John George
Answer: B

The princely state, which was not the part of Rajasthan Union formed on 25th March 2018?
A. Bundi
B. Pratapgarh
C. Udaipur
D. Shahpura
Answer: C

Who was the editor of "Tyag Bhumi"?
A. Hari bhau upadhyaya
B. Jai Narayan Vyas
C. Devi Dutta Tripathi
D. Rishi Dutt Mehta
Answer: A

Which of the following templess of chittorgarh fort is a jain temple?
A. Kumbh Shyam temple
B. Saatveesh Devari
C. Samiddheswar temple
D. Tulja bhawani temple
Answer: B

Which of the following painters doess not belong to alwar school of painting?
A. Jamnadas
B. Bakasaram
C. Nanakram
D. Nandram
Answer: C

The singing tradition with which Gavari Devi was associated?
A. Langa
B. Mand
C. Talabandi
D. Thumari
Answer: B

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