Rajasthan GK Sample Paper 200

Rajasthan GK Sample Paper No. 200: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question No. 3641 to 3650 for based on Rajasthan Patwari Exam Paper 2016 for upcoming RAS, Rajasthan Police, REET, SI, Constable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. 
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Rajasthan GK Sample Paper 200:
Which group of the following represents the correct sequence of mountain peaks of Rajasthan in descending order of their height ?
A. Tatgarh-kho-bilali-roja bhakar
B. Kho-tatgarh-roja bhakar-bilali
C. Bilali-kho-tatgarh-roja bhakar
D. Roja bhakar-Bilali-tatgarh-kho
Answer: A

Which One of the following Climatic regions proposed by Koppen is NOT currently matched in Rajasthan ?
A. Aw- Southern Rajasthan
B. Cwg- Northern Rajasthan
C. BWhw - Arid Desert
D. BShw - Semi arid Desert
Answer: B

In terms of Area which one of the following is the largest Agro climatic zone in Rajasthan ?
A. Humid Southern Plain
B. Arid Western Plain
C. Food prone eastern Plain
D. Irrigated North-Western Plain
Answer: B

Who is called the 'Gandhi of Chirawa' ?
A. Sardar Harlal Singh
B. Seth Ghanshyam Das Birla
C. Master Pyarelal Gupta
D. Radha krishna Bohra
Answer: C

"In history the execution of Tatya tope will be treated as a crime of the British Government and the generations to come will ask who had sanctioned the execution and who had confirmed it?". Who made this statement?
A. Captain Showers
B. AGG Lawrence
C. Jawaharlal Nehru
D. Madan Mohan Malviya
Answer: A

In which year was the marwar Public society ordinance issued ?
A. 1938 AD
B. 1928 AD
C. 1941 AD
D. 1934 AD
Answer: D

Which scholar, on the basis of a copper plate titled "Broach Gurjar" has asserted that the Rajput were the descendents of the Yuchi tribe and they were related to the Kushan Tribe ? 
A. George Thomas
B. Dr. Bhandarkar
C. Cunningham
D. Dr Kanoongo
Answer: C

Which inscription mentions that the chauhan were VATSYA-GOTRA brahmins ?
A. Chirwa Inscription
B. Inscription of Shring rishi
C. Bijoliya Inscription
D. Inscription of Aprajit
Answer: C

How many Maukhri-Yup inscriptions have been discovered in Barwa Village of Kota ?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 4
D. 7
Answer: B

Which Rebel army commander of Alauddin Khilji was given shelter in Ranthambore fort by Hammir ?
A. Amir Khan
B. Meer Alabande Khan
C. Meer Juber Khan
D. Meer Muhmmad Sha
Answer: D

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