केन्द्रीय पशुधन प्रजनन फार्म | CCBF, Suratgarh

केन्द्रीय पशुधन प्रजनन फार्म, सूरतगढ़ (श्रीगंगानगर) । Central cattle Breeding Farm, Suratgarh (Ganganagar): Central Cattle Breeding Farm(CCBF) Suratgarh(Rajasthan) was established in the year 1967 under Centrally administered / plan – scheme of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. The other Central Cattle Breeding Farms are located at Suratgarh ( Rajasthan), Chiplima and Sunabeda (Orissa), Dhamrod (Gujarat), Hessarghatta (Karnataka), Alamadhi (TamilNadu) and Andeshnagar (U.P). are maintaining bull mothers of important cattle and buffalo breeds which include Tharparkar, Red Sindhi, Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Crossbred (HF x Tharparkar, Jersey x Red Sindhi), Surti and Murrah.
The objectives of CCBF Suratgarh:
  • Progressive heritable improvement for milk production in Tharparkar cattle by following scientific methods.
  • The Breed maintained at Suratgarh (Rajasthan) is mainly Tharparkar.
  • Production and distribution of superior pedigreed breeding bulls for using them in cattle breeding programme.
  • Training of the farmers in improved farm practices and dairy cattle management.
राजस्थान "सामान्य-ज्ञान" के सम्पूर्ण नोट्स, समसामयिकी एवं टेस्ट अब मोबाइल एप्प पर भी उपलब्ध है।  "राजस्थान GK" फ्री एप्प डाउनलोड करें:  http://tinyurl.com/rajasthangk
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