Petroleum in Rajasthan

Petroleum in Rajasthan: Petroleum Exploration & Development activities begins in Rajasthan mainly after the largest oil discovery of Mangla 2004 in Barmer-Sanchore Basin in last two decades of the Country. Presently, exploration for Oil, Gas & CBM is underway in 12 Blocks of Rajasthan by National / Multinational Companies covering about 60,000 Sq. Km. area. Thus, Rajasthan has the maximum on-land area of the Country under exploration.

Rajasthan has 4 Petroleum Basins:

  1. Jaisalmer Basin
  2. Bikaner-Nagaur Basin
  3. Barmer-Sanchore Basin
  4. Vindhyan Basin

Hydrocarbon Production Strategy in Rajasthan
  • 4.1 billion barrels of crude oil i.e 500  MMT (Million Metric Tonnes) in-place reserves have been assessed in 38 discovered fields of Barmer-Sanchore Basin. 
  • As per the latest estimates of Cairn India, Barmer-Sanchore Basin has resource base of 6.5-7.2 billion barrels (i.e. about 900-1000 MMT) of oil equivalent. 
  • Commercial Production of crude oil commenced from Mangla Field from 29th August, 2009 and at present 1,65,000  bbls per day is being produced from Mangla, Bhagyam, Saraswati & Raageshwari fields.
Development of Heavy Oil Resource in Rajasthan
  • 25.00 MMT of Heavy Oil & 53.00 MMT of Bitumen in-place reserves have been assessed in Bikaner-Nagaur Basin by Oil India Ltd for which Oil India Limited has entered into an agreement with PDVSA company of Venezuela for its exploitation. 
  • Trial production of heavy oil commenced in August, 2009 to November, 2009 and evacuated about 470.00 barrels (i.e. 1428 Matric Tun) till 31st March, 2015. 
  • Commercial production shall commence after successful completion of pilot test. Oil India Limited has planned drilling of 3further pilot wells.
Exploitation of Natural Gas Resources of Jaisalmer Basin & Barmer-Sanchore Basin
  • A total of about 30 billion cubic meter of lean & rich gas reserves in-place have been proved by OIL, ONGC, Cairn India & focus Energy in Jaisalmer Basin & Barmer-Sanchore Basin.
  • About 0.78 mmscmd Natural Gas is being produced by OIL & ONGC from Tanot & Manhera Tibba areas of Jaisalmer Basin for the supply to 110 MW Ramgarh Power Plant. 
  • Focus Energy has entered into an agreement with GAIL (India) Ltd and Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyut Utpadan Nigam (RRVUN) for supply of 0.95 mmscmd of Natural Gas to 110 MW Ramgarh Power Plant and its proposed additional unit of 160 MW. 
  • Presently, 0.95  mmscmd natural gas is being produced from SGL Field (Shahgarh area) for existing unit of Ramgarh Power Plant. 
  • Production of gas is initiated from Raageshwari Field of Barmer Basin, which is utilized for company’s internal petroleum production operations.
City Gas Distribution Projects in various cities of Rajasthan.
  • City Gas Distribution Sector includes Domestic Consumer and Commercial Consumers like Hotel, Restaurants & Hospitals. 
  •  Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has identified cities/towns of the State for development of city gas distribution network projects. 
  • After issuance of “Expression of Interest” PNGRB has authorized GAIL (India) for establishment of city gas distribution network in Kota city. 
  • GAIL has commissioned CGD network in Kota city for domestic and commercial use. 1 CNG station is in operation and planned to have 4 more.
Revenue from Petroleum Sector
  • Petroleum Sector has now become the important source of Revenue in the State since commercial production of crude oil & natural gas from Barmer-Sanchore Basin has commenced from 29.08.2009 & 23.03.2013 respectively and production of natural gas from Jaisamer basin has been enhanced. 
  • Revenue is accrued in terms of royalty on production of crude & natuaral gas, PEL fees, dead rent etc.
  • Revenue accrual during 2010-11 and 2011-12 was Rs. 1630 crores and Rs. 3435.61 crores.
  • However, the Revenue enhanced during 2012-13 is 5069.88 crores as per production profile of 175,000 barrels per day and during  year 2013-14  is Rs 5953.11 crores against the target of Rs. 5500 crores.
  • In the year 2014-15 revenue occured Rs. 4848.70 against the target of Rs. 5300 crorers. Revenue Target  for 2014-15 could not achieved due to rapid fall in crude prices and dollar exchange rate. During the F.S  2015-16 Revenue occured Rs 2341.43 cr
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