Barli Inscription Rajasthan

Barli Inscription (बरली शिलालेख) and Fort  is situated in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Barli (Badli) is a Village in Bhinay Tehsil in District Ajmer, Rajasthan. Dr Gauri Shankar Hirachandra Ojha obtained in 1912 a fragmentary Inscription of year 443 BC which along with Piprava Inscription of 487 BC are the most ancient Indian Inscriptions. It is in Brahmi script and preserved in Ajmer Museum. 
Fort Barli is a heritage hotel now days on NH-79, Bundi Road in Ajmer. The Rathore dynasty of Barli traces its descent from Rao Maldeo of Marwar (Jodhpur). 

Quiz.  राजस्थान में "बरली शिलालेख" दूसरी शताब्दी ई.पू. को सबसे पुराना शिलालेख कहा जाता है, बरली किस जिले में स्थित है?
A. उदयपुर
B. जयपुर
C. अजमेर
D. गंगानगर
Ans: C


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