Khadin - a traditional water harvesting technique

Khadin or Khadeen (खडीन) is a traditional rain water harvesting technique used in Western Rajathan. Its main feature is a very long (100-300 m) earthen embankment built across the lower hill slopes lying below gravelly uplands. Sluices and spillways allow excess water to drain off. The khadin system is based on the principle of harvesting rainwater on farmland and subsequent use of this water-saturated land for crop production. 
The khadin rain water harvesting technique was originally developed in the 15th century by the Paliwal Brahmins in Jaisalmer district of western Rajasthan. This system has great similarity with the irrigation methods of the people of Ur (present Iraq) around 4500 BC and later of the Nabateans in the Middle East. A similar system is also reported to have been practised 4,000 years ago in the Negev desert, and in southwestern Colorado 500 years ago.  
Khadin system is a  runoff farming on stored soil profile moisture and ground water charging system. The khadin system is based on the principle of harvesting rainwater on farmland and subsequent use of this water-saturated land for crop production. Other than improving socio-economic conditions of desert dwellers, Khadins also have created positive impact on the ecology of the region, effectively checking soil erosion and increasing vegetation cover. Khadin can make arid wasteland productive. Though it is primary runoff agriculture, a lot of water gets stored on the land, partly going down deep, sideways.  
Modern Days Khadin
Now days Modern khadin have cement walls in front which help them improve storage and water leakage. Government also provides financial support under various rainwater harvesting schemes. Depending upon the amount of rainfall and consequent runoff received during the monsoon, one or two crops are grown. There is 3-4 fold increase in agriculture production, in comparison with non-Khadin conditions depending upon rainfall quantity and distribution. This system assures the farmers of at least one crop even in very dry times. Khadin system allow farmers to take wheat, gram crop duing rabi season in desert areas. 

GK QUIZ. जैसलमेर के पालीवाल ब्राह्मणों द्वारा विकसित मौलिक पारम्परिक वर्षा जल संचयन प्रद्धति का नाम है ? (RPSC Teachers Grade-II Exam 2013)
A. बावड़ी
B. खड़ीन
C. कुण्ड
D. उकेरी

Ans: B


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