Rajasthan Budget 2019-20 Highlights

Rajasthan Budget 2019-20 Highlights:
Revised Estimates for the year 2018-19
➢Revenue Deficit - Rs. 24 thousand 824 crore 91 lac
➢Fiscal Deficit - Rs. 31 thousand 472 crore 80 lac
➢Fiscal Deficit as percentage of GSDP 3.41%
➢Total Loan and Liabilities - Rs. 3 lac 9 thousand 385 crore

Budget Estimates for the year 2019-20
➢Total Expenditure - Rs. 2 lac 31 thousand 654 crore 51 lac
➢Revenue Receipts - Rs. 1 lac 67 thousand 449 crore 67 lac
➢Revenue Expenditure - Rs. 1 lac 90 thousand 753 crore 74 lac
➢Revenue Deficit - Rs. 23 thousand 304 crore 7 lac
➢Fiscal Deficit - Rs. 29 thousand 983 crore
➢Fiscal Deficit as the percentage of GSDP : 3%.
➢Debt to GSDP ratio : 33.96%

Agriculture Loan Waiver : Salient Features
➢Waiver of all outstanding co-operative short term crop loan of all the farmers under all categories
➢Waiver of all outstanding loan as on November 30th 2018
➢Waiver of outstanding agriculture loan up to Rs. 2 lac of District Central Co-operative Banks and Land Development Banks
➢Approximately 24 lac 40 thousand farmers will get relief
➢Relief of around Rs. 9 thousand crore on present loan waiver and Rs. 6 thousand crore of remaining liabilities of previous government on this account
➢Around 4 lac bigha of agricultural land will be mortgage free
➢Waiver of outstanding short term crop loan of upto Rs. 2 lac of all the Nationalised Banks, Scheduled Banks and Regional Rural Banks through one time settlement

• Mukhyamantri Dugdha Utpadak Samba' Yozna
➢Launched from 01 February 2019
➢Bonus of Rs. 2 per liter to all the milk producers who supply milk to Co-operative Dairy Federations
➢More than 5 lac milk producers will get benefited

• Increase in Old Age Pension
➢Increase w.e.f. 1st January 2019
➢Pensioners will get 750 in place of 500 and 1000 in place of 750
➢Approximately 46 lac pensioners will get benefited
➢Annual additional expenditure of 1377 crore

• National Food Security Scheme - main benefits
➢BPL, State BPL and Antyodaya families will get wheat @ 1 per kg. in place of 2 per kg.
➢Effective from March 1st, 2019
➢Around 1.74 crore people will get benefited
➢Annual additional expenditure of 115 crore

• Mukhyamantri Yuva Sambal Yozna
➢Unemployment allowance increased upto 5 times
➢Implementation from February 2019
➢Eligible female and specially abled youth will get 3500 per month
➢Eligible male will get 3000 per month
➢Around 1,60,000 unemployed youth will get benefited

• Reservation in govt. services for specially abled persons increased from 3 to 4%
• Pension of specially abled, widow and single female will be increased soon 
• All the eligible male and female members of small and marginal farmers family will get old age pension
• All female students of Arts, Commerce and Science streams of Graduate and Post Graduate classes will get free higher education from session 2019-20. Approximately 2,30,000 female students will get benefited every year
• Haridev Joshi Journalism and Mass Communication University and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Law University will be re-established with provision of 16 crore
• Scout Residential School will be re-opened
• Establishment of Resource Assistance and College Excellence (RACE) Centers in Colleges at District level
• Annual Auditing Programme will be started for quality management and monitoring in colleges
• Four new residential schools in Tribal Area-Banswara, Dungarpur, Sarada (Udaipur) and Peepalkhoont (Pratapgarh)
• 50 Solar Energy based Community Lift Irrigation Projects in Tribal Area. It will provide additional irrigation facility to 1800 hectare
• 'Beneshwar Dham Development Board' will be constituted for the overall development of Beneshwar Dham.
• New Industrial Policy and constitution of 'Rajasthan Export Promotion Council' to enhance exports
• All relief related financial assistance will be directly transferred to beneficiaries bank account (DBT)
• New medicines will be included in 'Mukhya Mantri Free Medicine Scheme' for Cancer, Heart, Respiratory and Liver related ailments. 600 new drug distribution centers will be opened
• Government Drug testing laboratories at Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner will be strengthened and made functional
• Infectious Disease Institute associated with Jodhpur Medical College will be developed as high level research Institute
• New policy to motivate farmers to establish Agro Processing Units
• Under 100 days action plan Rural Development Department will sanction at least one Pasture Development, Community Pond Development, Shamshan-Kabristan Development, Play Ground Development, Individual Water Pond and Road with Drainage covering 9894 Gram Panchayats
• The existing 8000 wi-fi hotspot at Gram Panchayats will be increased upto 20,000
• 3000 Gram Panchayats have been made wi-fi enabled, remaining Gram Panchayats will also be covered
• The existing 1000 plug and play seats in incubators for startups will be increased to 2000
• For renovation of Rajasthan Feeder (Punjab Area) and Sarhind Feeder expenditure of 1976.73 crore will be incurred in next 3 to 4 years
• For renovation of Indira Gandhi Feeder (Rajasthan Area), main canal and systems works of 812 crore are under progress
• Simplification in the procedures of Forest Right Act with online application and issuance of Forest Right Authority
• A new project to conserve forestry and biodiversity will be submitted to Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA)


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