Rajasthan GK Question Paper 190

Rajasthan GK Question in Hindi Sample Paper 190: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question of Rajasthan GK Questions based on RAS PRE Question Paper 2015 for RAS, Rajasthan Police, REET, SI, Contable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. You can download Full Rajasthan RAS PRE Question Paper 2015 under STATE PSC Papers Tab of INDIA GK Mobile App with other General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.
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Rajasthan GK Question Paper 190:
Q.3521. The place which is famous for its Terracotta Craft is ?
A. Sanganer
B. Kuchaman
C. Molela
D. Kaithun
Answer: C

Q.3522. The GOGA NAVAMI is called ?
A. Navami of the Shukla Paksha OF bHADON
B. Navami of Shukla Paksha of Shukla
C. Navami of Krishna Paksha Bhadon
D. Navami of Krishna Paksha Shravan
Answer: C

Q.3523. If 23*5=26 and 13*8=19, then 39*7= ?
A. 43
B. 44
C. 40
D. 42
Answer: B

Q.3524. Tejaji Fair is organised at ?
A. Parbatsar
B. Nagaur
C. Merata
D. Goth Manglod
Answer: A

Q.3525. The veer Bharat Society was established at Kota by ?
A. Nayanu ram
B. Kesari Singh
C. Pyare Ram
D. Sadhu sita ram
Answer: B

Q.3526. The Number of all integers N for which N(2)+48 is a perfect square is ?
A. 8
B. 12
C. 3
D. 6
Answer: D

Q.3527. Kshetrapal has been an important aspect in the culture of Rajasthan as ?
A. A Devotee
B. A Saint
C. Village Diety
D. Village Officer
Answer: C

Q.3528. Ena's age was square of a number last year and it will be cube of a number next year. How long must at least she wait before her age be again the cube of a number

A. 38 Years
B. 42 Years
C. 10 Years
D. 20 Years
Answer: A

Q.3529. The Sect which believed in abiding nature of destiny ?
A. Buddhism
B. Jainism
C. Ajivakas
D. Charvak
Answer: C

Q.3530. Which of the following Texts has not been written by Kumbha ?
A. Nrityaratnakosh
B. Kalanidhi
C. Rasikpriya
D. Sudha Prabandh
Answer: B


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