Rajasthan GK Question Paper 99

Rajasthan GK Question in Hindi Sample Paper 99: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection Question No. 2300 to Q.2320 of Rajasthan GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  Rajasthan GK Sample Papers.  Rajasthan General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.

Rajasthan GK Question Paper 99 Solved:
Q.2301 'Rajasthan Ratna' is the highest civilian award of Rajasthan. This award was instituted by the State Government in the year of -
A. 2008
B. 2010
C. 2012
D. 2013
Ans: C

Q.2302 किस राज्य में मुख्यमंत्री ने 14 फरवरी 2014 को 49 दिन बाद ही में स्तीफा दे दिया ?
A. राजस्थान
B. झारखण्ड
C. दिल्ली
D. पंजाब
Ans: C

Q.2303 कर्णपुरा (हनुमानगढ़ ) से फरवरी 2014 में मिली मुहर पर कौनसा जानवर मुद्रित है ?
A. गाय
B. बैल
C. गैंडा
D. ऊंट
Ans: C
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