Top 10 Peaks of Aravali Hills in Rajasthan

Aravalli Hill is one of Major mountain ranges in Rajasthan, the western part of India. Aravalli Range is a range of mountains in western India running approximately 692 KM from which 550 KM is situated in Rajasthan. Aravali Hills in a northeastern direction across Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. The highest point in the Aravalli Range is called as Guru Shikhar (1722 M), which is located in Mount Abu in sirohi district of Rajasthan. 
The Aravallis are some of the oldest fold mountains in the world. Beginning from the Rajasthan in western India, the mountain range extends to Delhi. The peaks of the Aravalli range are not pointed as young fold mountains. They have been eroded by the forces of nature like rain, wind and sunshine.
The Top 10 Peak of Aravali Hills in Rajasthan are:
गुरु - गुरुशिखर (सिरोही)
से -सेर (सिरोही)
दिल से -दिलवाड़ा(सिरोही)
जरा - जरगा(उदयपुर)
आस - अचलगढ़(सिरोही)
कुम्भा -कुम्भलगढ़(राजसमन्द)
रघुनाथ -रघुनाथगढ़(सीकर)
ऋषि -ऋषिकेश(सिरोही)
का -कमलनाथ(उदयपुर)
सज्जन -सज्जनगढ़(उदयपुर)
Formula to Remember Top 10 Hills / Peak of Aravali Hillsगुरु से दिल से जरा आस कुम्भा रघुनाथ ऋषि का सज्जन


  1. Malkhet ( Sikar)1052 is higher then Rishikesh 1017

  2. Harsh mountain is also higher than sajjangarh