Desert Development Program (DDP)

Desert Development programme (DDP) in Rajasthan was started in 1977-78 with the objective of Controlling desertification of the desert areas through integrating and dovetailing other related state/central programmes., to conserve, develop and harness land water and other resources including rainfall for restoration of ecological balance in the long run.The Centre gives cent percent grant for this programme. The Northwestern region of India, Rajasthan and adjacent state are most benefitted from it.  The basic object of the programme is to minimise the adverse effect of drought and control desertification through rejuvenation of natural resource base of the identified desert areas. The programme strives to achieve ecological balance in the long run. The programme also aims at promoting overall economic development and improving the socio-economic conditions of the resource poor and disadvantaged sections inhabiting the programme areas.
DDP is being implemented in 85 blocks of 16 districts of Rajasthan. The program is being funded in the ratio of 75:25 by Govt of India and Govt of Rajasthan.


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