Formation of Rajasthan State | राजस्थान के गठन के 7 चरण

Formation of Rajasthan State (राजस्थान के गठन के 7 चरण ): Rajasthan is one of the 28 states of the Indian Union.During the British rule this part of the land was known as RAJPUTANA i.e. the land of Rajputs, who were the main rulers of the various feudal states existing at that time. The formation of Rajasthan in its present form has come in gradual sates after the independence of the country. In the first state four eastern states of Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Karauli (all makes Mewat area) united together on 17th March 1948 to form a union called Matsya Sangh. On 25th March 1948 10 more states (Banswara, Kushalgarh, Bundi, Kota, Tonk, Jhalawar, Pratapgarh, Shahpura, Kishangarh and Dungarpur) of southeastern and southern Rajputana joined together to form another union named East Rajasthan. Soon thereafter Udaipur state (Mewar) also joined this union on 18th April 1948 and the name was changed to United Rajasthan. Thus 15 states of Rajasthan formed their own confederation.

It was on 30th March 1949 that the remaining four states viz. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner joined this confederation and the area came to be known as Greater Rajasthan. The principalities of Lawa & Neemra also joined this. This day of 30th March is now celebrated as Rajasthan day.  On 15th May 1949, the Matsya Sangh was merged into Greater Rajasthan and now the confederation named as United Greater Rajasthan. Sirohi was the only state, which had not joined this federation so far, and this state joined it on 26th January 1950. Ajmer-Merwara region was for long under direct British rule and it was merged with Rajasthan in November 1956 on the recommendation of the report of State Reorganization Commission. At that time, the Bhanpura tehsil of Madhya Pradesh and Abu Tehsil of Gujarat were also merged with Rajasthan.
स्वतंत्रता के समय राजस्थान 19 "देसी रियासतों", 3 ठिकानों एवं 1 चीफ कमिश्नर द्वारा प्रशासित प्रदेश में विभक्त था, जो निम्नलिखित हैं
*  19 देसी रियासतों के नाम: 1. अलवर, 2. भरतपुर, 3. करौली, 4. धोलपुर, 5. बांसवाडा, 6. बूंदी, 7. डूंगरपुर, 8. झालावाड़, 9. कोटा, 10. प्रतापगढ़, 11. टोंक, 12. किशनगढ़, 13. शाहपुरा, 14. जयपुर, 15. जोधपुर, 16. बीकानेर, 17. जैसलमेर, 18. उदयपुर, 19. सिरोही
*  3 ठिकानों के नाम: 1. लावा, 2. नीमराणा, 3. कुशलगढ़
*  1 चीफ कमिश्नर द्वारा प्रशासित : अजमेर-मेरवाड़ा


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