Rajasthan GK Question Sample Paper 1

Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper No. 1 with Collection of Rajasthan GK Questions

1. Two district of rajasthan without river are:
A. Jaisalmer,Barmer
B. Jaisalmer, Jalore
C. Bikaner,Churu
D. Jodhapur, Jaisalmer
Ans: C

2. Which gas is used for filling baloons used for Meteorological Observation:
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon-dioxide
C. Methane
D. Helium
Ans: D

3. Measles(KHASARA) disease is caused by:
A. Virus
B. Fungi
C. Bacteria
D. Mycoplasma
Ans: A

4. Which one of the following is used for determining the structure of crystal:
A. Gamma Rays
B. X-Rays
C. UV Rays
D. Visible Lights
Ans: B

5. Which one of the following is a true fish:
A. Star fish
B. Jelly fish
C. Hag fish
D. Sea horse
Ans: D

6. Lichens are composite organishms made up of:
A. Fungi, Bacteria
B. Fungi, Algae
C. Fungi, Bryophyta
D. Algae, Bacteria
Ans: B

7. Identify the parasitic(PARJIVI) plant amongs the following:
A. Pithce plant
C. Bladderwort
D. Sun flower
Ans: B

8. The biggest Type and tube industry in rajasthan is established at:
A. Kelwa
B. Kankroli
C. Karoli
D. Kotputli
Ans: B

9. Udyog Protsahan Sansthan has been setup in rajasthan for:
A. Assisting the marketing of industrial products
B. Providing finance to sick industries
C. Providing incentives to new industrialist
D. Providing training to New enterprenurs
Ans: C

10. Main producer of ISABGOL, JEERA, TOMOTO is:
A. Ganganagar
B. Bundi
C. Jalore
D. Kota
Ans: C

11. JEEVAN DHARA YOJNA is related to:
A. Insurance scheme for poor
B. Construction of irrigation wells
C. Providing electricity to rural poor
D. Providing medical facilities
Ans: B

12. Name of scent poetess MEERA was:
A. Rana ratan singh
B. Rajkumar Bojraj
C. Rana udaisingh
D. Rana sanga
Ans: B

13. Martyr Sagarmal Gopa belongs to:
A. Jaipur
B. Bikaner
C. Jodhpur
D. Jaisalmer
Ans: D

14. Book written by Chander-vardai is:
A. Prithviraj raso
B. Prithviraj Charit
C. Prithvi khyat
D. Prithvi Nath
Ans: A

15. Marblecity is ?
A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Kishangarh
D. Udaipur
Ans: C


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