RAS Pre 2016 Solved Exam Paper, Answer Key, Cut Off Marks

RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Question Paper, Possible Cut Off, Solutions for Exam held Today, 28th August 2016: RPSC, Ajmer Today, 28th August 2016 conducted Rajasthan Admin. Services (RAS) Prelims Examination 2016 (Sunday) at all district headquarters of Rajasthan. RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Question Paper, Possible category wise Cut Off for GEN, OBC, SBC, SC, ST, PWD and other category with Solutions is uploaded below to share and discuss with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and social Media. 
The main portion and question in RAS Pre are: Aptitude Questions, Rajasthan GK, India GK, World GK and Current Affairs, Paper was slightly easy than RAS Pre 2016 so expecting 10-15% higher cut-off as compare to last year paper.

Check RAS Pre 2016 Official ANSWER Key issued by RPSC, Ajmer on 30th August 2016.

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  • RAS Pre 2016 Expected Cut Off, Category wise: :
    • Gen/OBC Cut Off = 76-83
    • SC Cut Off = 72-78
    • ST Cut Off = 70-77
    • PWD-L = No separate cut-off
    • PWD-V-H = 45-55
    RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Solved Question Paper:
    How many times President Rule has been imposed in the state of Rajasthan till 30th June 2016 ?
    A. 6 times
    B. 5 times
    C. 4 Times
    D. 3 Times
    Answer: C. 4 Times (President Rule in Rajasthan)

    Delimitation commission of 1952 had determined the strenght of Rajasthan Legislative assembly as ?
    A. 188
    B. 200
    C. Three MLA for each district
    D. 160
    Answer: D (The strength of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly which is determined by delimitation Commission, was 160 in 1952 and presently stands as 200 after many more recommendations of the same Commission.)

    Before the appointment of Shri Kalyan singh ass the governor of Rajasthan who among the following was the acting governor of the state ?
    A. Ram Naik
    B. OP Kohli
    C. Margaret Alva
    D. Ram Naresh Yadav
    Answer: A (Ram Naik work as Governor of Rajasthan with additional charge from 7 August 2014 to 4 September 2014, while Kalyan Singh took charge on 4th September 2016.

    Among the following, whose tenure has been the longest as the chairman of RPSC ?
    A. DS Tewari
    B. Mohammad Yaqub
    C. CR Choudhary
    D. Yatindra Singh
    Answer: A ( DS Tewari was RPSC Chairman for 7 years from 8th August 1951 to 20 January 1958)

    The procedure of Impeachment of the President of India is 
    A. Legislative 
    B. Judicial
    C. Executive
    D. Quasi-Judicial
    Answer: D (The word 'Impeachment' is an origin of British convention which means to remove a Government official without any official agreement and after the impeachment conviction has been provided to that official. In India, it is a quasi-judicial procedure and President can only be impeached on the ground of violation of the Constitution.)

    When was Rajasthan Information Commission constituted ?
    A. April 18, 2007
    B. April 18, 2008
    C. April 18, 2005
    D. April 18, 2006
    Answer: D (Rajasthan Information Commission (RIC) was constituted by the state Government of Rajasthan with installing Shri M.D. Kaurani, as the first Chief Information Commissioner on April 18, 2006.) In the history of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly till 30 June 2016, How many times the confidence motion has been moved and discussed ? Please discuss.

    Select the correct Answer:
    State Election Commission of Rajasthan
    A. a constitutional authority
    B. a statutory Authority
    C. A unit of election commission of India
    D. an executive authority
    Answer: C
    ECI Website says: State Election Commissions constituted under the Constitution (Seventy-third and Seventy-fourth) Amendments Act, 1992 for each State / Union Territory are vested with the powers of conduct of elections to the Corporations, Municipalities, Zilla Parishads, District Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis, Gram Panchayats and other local bodies. They are independent of the Election Commission of India.

    How Many times elections have been held for Panchayati Raj Institution in Rajasthan till 2015 ?
    A. 9 times
    B. 5 times
    C. 10 times
    D. 8 times
    Answer: Please discuss

    A. a programme to de-addict all the wine users
    B. a programme to de-addict all the doda post users
    C. all of above
    D. a programme to de-addict all the tobaccco users
    Answer: B (नया सवेरा Scheme in Rajasthan)

    Mukhyamantri Nishulk Dava Yojana in Rajasthan was launched on ?
    A. 2 October 2011
    B. 2 September 2011
    C. 2 October 2010
    D. 2 September 2010
    Answer: A (Mukhyamantri Nishulk Dava Yojana in Rajasthan)

    Which of the following external agency is providing financial assistance for Rajasthan Renewable Energy Transmission Investment Program ?
    A. Asian Development Bank
    B. World Bank
    C. KFW Germany
    D. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Answer: A
    Check Details: http://www.adb.org/projects/documents/mff-rajasthan-renewable-energy-transmission-investment-program-ippf

    How many district Industries centres are working in Rajasthan
    A. 31
    B. 36
    C. 29
    D. 33
    Answer:B (There are 36 District Industries Centres (DICs) working in the State and 7 District Industries Sub-Centres at Abu Road, Balotra, Beawar, Falna, Kishangarh, Makrana and Neemrana have also been set up to cater to the needs of small scale industries of the area. Headquarter office of the Department is situated at Udyog Bhawan, Tilak Marg, Jaipur. )

    One of the following is not the Objective of Chief Ministers Subh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan
    A. to encourage registration of Girl child birth
    B. to promote the birth of girl child
    C. to help pregnant girls
    D. to prevent child marriage
    Answer:  Check and Discuss in Comment http://rajswasthya.nic.in/HBE0001.pdf

    The Chemical Formula of Baking Soda is ?
    A. Na2CO3
    B. CaCO3
    C. NaHCO3
    D. Ca(OH)2
    Answer: C

    Kiren Rijiju inaugurates the BRICS meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction in Udaipur

    MoS (Home) Shri Kiren Rijiju inaugurates the BRICS meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction in Udaipur. Calling upon BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) countries to collaborate for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Minister of State for Home Affairs, Shri Kiren Rijiju said that it will, in turn, influence the global agenda for strengthening efforts on DRR and resilience.  Inaugurating the two-day BRICS meeting on Disaster Management in Udaipur, Rajasthan today, Shri Rijiju said India was willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with other BRICS nations and explore all possible areas of collaboration. He added that DRR is a high priority area for the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. 
    Shri Rijiju emphasized that it is time that we move away from "a static understanding of risk", and that we must realise that "Tomorrow’s risk is being built today." He said that there is a strong need to focus on Urban disasters keeping in mind that by 2050, nearly two-third of the world population is expected to live in urban spaces. He said that we need to move towards an all-society approach to tackle disasters. While governments have to pay a central role, they cannot do it by themselves. They have to take everybody along. The Government action must be geared towards empowering and supporting communities and individuals to be more and more self-reliant in their quest for resilience. Earlier in his key address, Additional Principal Secretary to PM, Dr. P.K. Mishra, noted that all BRICS nations face common problems in terms of developing robust Early Warning Systems, involvement of communities and building their resilience and finding resources for rehabilitation and reconstruction. He added that it was essential to share success stories, case studies, innovations, low cost technology, joint exercises and mutual capacity building to reduce risk. He said that DRR is the back bone of Good Governance.  The event has been organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority.  All the five BRICS countries are parties to the adoption of the Sendai Framework for DRR in March, 2015 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. A number of SDGs have specific targets related to Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

    Petroleum in Rajasthan

    Petroleum in Rajasthan: Petroleum Exploration & Development activities begins in Rajasthan mainly after the largest oil discovery of Mangla 2004 in Barmer-Sanchore Basin in last two decades of the Country. Presently, exploration for Oil, Gas & CBM is underway in 12 Blocks of Rajasthan by National / Multinational Companies covering about 60,000 Sq. Km. area. Thus, Rajasthan has the maximum on-land area of the Country under exploration.

    Rajasthan has 4 Petroleum Basins:

    1. Jaisalmer Basin
    2. Bikaner-Nagaur Basin
    3. Barmer-Sanchore Basin
    4. Vindhyan Basin

    Hydrocarbon Production Strategy in Rajasthan
    • 4.1 billion barrels of crude oil i.e 500  MMT (Million Metric Tonnes) in-place reserves have been assessed in 38 discovered fields of Barmer-Sanchore Basin. 
    • As per the latest estimates of Cairn India, Barmer-Sanchore Basin has resource base of 6.5-7.2 billion barrels (i.e. about 900-1000 MMT) of oil equivalent. 
    • Commercial Production of crude oil commenced from Mangla Field from 29th August, 2009 and at present 1,65,000  bbls per day is being produced from Mangla, Bhagyam, Saraswati & Raageshwari fields.
    Development of Heavy Oil Resource in Rajasthan
    • 25.00 MMT of Heavy Oil & 53.00 MMT of Bitumen in-place reserves have been assessed in Bikaner-Nagaur Basin by Oil India Ltd for which Oil India Limited has entered into an agreement with PDVSA company of Venezuela for its exploitation. 
    • Trial production of heavy oil commenced in August, 2009 to November, 2009 and evacuated about 470.00 barrels (i.e. 1428 Matric Tun) till 31st March, 2015. 
    • Commercial production shall commence after successful completion of pilot test. Oil India Limited has planned drilling of 3further pilot wells.
    Exploitation of Natural Gas Resources of Jaisalmer Basin & Barmer-Sanchore Basin
    • A total of about 30 billion cubic meter of lean & rich gas reserves in-place have been proved by OIL, ONGC, Cairn India & focus Energy in Jaisalmer Basin & Barmer-Sanchore Basin.
    • About 0.78 mmscmd Natural Gas is being produced by OIL & ONGC from Tanot & Manhera Tibba areas of Jaisalmer Basin for the supply to 110 MW Ramgarh Power Plant. 
    • Focus Energy has entered into an agreement with GAIL (India) Ltd and Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyut Utpadan Nigam (RRVUN) for supply of 0.95 mmscmd of Natural Gas to 110 MW Ramgarh Power Plant and its proposed additional unit of 160 MW. 
    • Presently, 0.95  mmscmd natural gas is being produced from SGL Field (Shahgarh area) for existing unit of Ramgarh Power Plant. 
    • Production of gas is initiated from Raageshwari Field of Barmer Basin, which is utilized for company’s internal petroleum production operations.
    City Gas Distribution Projects in various cities of Rajasthan.
    • City Gas Distribution Sector includes Domestic Consumer and Commercial Consumers like Hotel, Restaurants & Hospitals. 
    •  Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has identified cities/towns of the State for development of city gas distribution network projects. 
    • After issuance of “Expression of Interest” PNGRB has authorized GAIL (India) for establishment of city gas distribution network in Kota city. 
    • GAIL has commissioned CGD network in Kota city for domestic and commercial use. 1 CNG station is in operation and planned to have 4 more.
    Revenue from Petroleum Sector
    • Petroleum Sector has now become the important source of Revenue in the State since commercial production of crude oil & natural gas from Barmer-Sanchore Basin has commenced from 29.08.2009 & 23.03.2013 respectively and production of natural gas from Jaisamer basin has been enhanced. 
    • Revenue is accrued in terms of royalty on production of crude & natuaral gas, PEL fees, dead rent etc.
    • Revenue accrual during 2010-11 and 2011-12 was Rs. 1630 crores and Rs. 3435.61 crores.
    • However, the Revenue enhanced during 2012-13 is 5069.88 crores as per production profile of 175,000 barrels per day and during  year 2013-14  is Rs 5953.11 crores against the target of Rs. 5500 crores.
    • In the year 2014-15 revenue occured Rs. 4848.70 against the target of Rs. 5300 crorers. Revenue Target  for 2014-15 could not achieved due to rapid fall in crude prices and dollar exchange rate. During the F.S  2015-16 Revenue occured Rs 2341.43 cr
    For Latest Data and more details visit official website: http://petroleum.rajasthan.gov.in

    Rajasthan signs MoU with India Trade and Exhibition Centre

    Rajasthan government on 11th August signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India Trade And Exhibition Centre (ITEC), Dubai for promotion of skill development, investment and tourism sectors. As per the agreement, ITEC would work as a service providing agency for promotion of skill development, investment and tourism sectors in Rajasthan.
    Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje before the signing ceremony chaired a high-level meeting to discuss various sectors of mutual cooperation. ITEC Chairman Sudesh Agarwal assured that ITEC would provide support for increasing partnerships with Dubai in other sectors as well, a release said.

    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 232

    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 232: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question based for upcoming RAS, Rajasthan Police, REET, SI, Constable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. You Can Download Rajasthan OLD Exam Papers Solved at Rajasthan GK Free Mobile App. You can also check Rajasthan GK, GK Notes, Objective Quiz at RAJASTHAN GK Mobile App with other General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.

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    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 232:
    राजस्थान में 'जाम्बेश्वर का मेला' किस स्थान पर लगता है?
    A. रणथम्भौर
    B. अलवर
    C. विराट नगर
    D. नौखा
    Answer: D

    रामदेवरा का मेला किस स्थान पर लगता है?
    A. पोकरन
    B. कोटा
    C. जोधपुर
    D. अजमेर
    Answer: A

    राजस्थान में राज्यपाल पद का गठन कब हुआ?
    A. 11 नवम्बर, 1956
    B. 21 नवम्बर, 1956
    C. 1 नवम्बर, 1956
    D. 12 नवम्बर, 1956
    Answer: C

    राजस्थान में होली के दिनों में मेवाड़ और बाड़मेर में किस नृत्य की घूम मची रहती है?
    A. चंग
    B. कच्छी घोड़ी
    C. गैर
    D. गीदड़
    Answer: C

    'वनस्थली विद्यापीठ' की स्थापना निम्न में से किसके द्वारा की गई थी?
    A. गोकुलभाई भट्ट
    B. हीरालाल शास्त्री
    C. मोतीलाल तेजावट
    D. जयनारायण व्यास
    Answer: B

    पाबूजी को किसका अवतार मानते हैं?
    A. कृष्ण
    B. राम
    C. लक्ष्मण
    D. भरत
    Answer: C

    निम्नलिखित में से 'मत्स्य संघ' की राजधानी कौन-सी थी?
    A. अलवर
    B. भरतपुर
    C. धौलपुर
    D. करौली
    Answer: A

    राजस्थान में किस फल का उपयोग देशी शराब बनाने में किया जाता है?
    A. कत्था
    B. बाँस
    C. महुआ
    D. तेंदू
    Answer: C

    'चारभुजा मंदिर' जहाँ भव्य मेला लगता है, कहाँ पर स्थित है?
    A. उदयपुर
    B. कोल्यारी
    C. कुलधारा
    D. धूलेव
    Answer: B

    राजस्थान राज्य में ‘सेला बासमती’ का उत्पादन कहाँ पर होता है?
    A. बाँसवाड़ा
    B. डूंगरपुर
    C. बूँदी
    D. गंगानगर
    Answer: C

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    उदयपुर के अनिकेत चौधरी को 'एक भारत, श्रेष्ठ भारत' पुरस्कार

    उदयपुर के अनिकेत चौधरी को प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने अपने पहले टाउनहॉल कार्यक्रम में  'एक भारत, श्रेष्ठ भारत' का प्रथम पुरस्कार प्रदान किया जिसमे उन्हें पीएम मोदी के हाथों एक लाख रुपए का चेक और प्रशस्ति पत्र दिया गया। प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी की पहल पर भारत सरकार की साइट 'mygov' पर नंवबर 2015 में एक भारत, श्रेष्ठ भारत योजना के तहत एक कम्‍प्टीशन आयोजित किया गया था, जिसमें देशभर में 3500 लोगों से मिले 50 हजार सुझावों में अनिकेत का सुझाव सबसे श्रेष्ठ रहा। अनिकेत चौधरी ने सुझाव दिया था कि बच्चों में संस्कृति के प्रति गर्व की भावना पैदा करें। एक राज्य की संस्कृति व विशेषताओं की जानकारी अन्य राज्यों के विद्यार्थियों को हो। जानकारी का स्तर बढ़ाया जाए। बच्चों के बीच सांस्कृतिक, ज्ञान, कहानी आदि प्रतियोगिताएं हों।
    अनिकेत चौधरी उदयपुर में सरकारी इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज से मैकेनिकल इंजीनियरिंग और आईआईएम-रायपुर से एमबीए करने के बाद अनिकेत जम्मू-कश्मीर में प्रधानमंत्री ग्रामीण विकास कार्यक्रम में फैलो के रूप में कार्यरत हैं। 

    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 231

    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 231: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question based for upcoming RAS, Rajasthan Police, REET, SI, Constable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. You Can Download Rajasthan OLD Exam Papers Solved at Rajasthan GK Free Mobile App. You can also check Rajasthan GK, GK Notes, Objective Quiz at RAJASTHAN GK Mobile App with other General Knowledge (GK) and General Studies (GS) Questions from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.

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    राजस्थान सामान्य ज्ञान प्रश्नोत्तरी 231:
    चार हाथों वाले देवता के रूप में किसकी ख्याति हुई?
    A. हड़बूजी
    B. धांधलजी
    C. तल्लीनाथ
    D. वीरवर कल्लाजी
    Answer: D

    1468 ई. में किसने महाराणा कुम्भा की हत्या की थी?
    A. ऊदा
    B. लाखा
    C. विक्रम
    D. बनवीर
    Answer: A

    'गुरुशिखर' राजस्थान के किस ज़िले में स्थित है?
    A. सिरोही
    B. अजमेर
    C. जयपुर
    D. टोंक
    Answer: A

    लूनी नदी कहाँ से निकलती है?
    A. अरावली श्रृंखला से
    B. विंध्याचल पर्वत से
    C. हिमालय से
    D. नाग पहाड़ियों से
    Answer: D

    रानी सती का मेला कहाँ लगता है?
    A. बीकानेर
    B. चित्तौड़गढ़
    C. जोधपुर
    D. झुंझुनू
    Answer: D

    राजस्थान में ‘बेणेश्वर का मेला’ किस गाँव में लगता है?
    A. नोरवा
    B. नावरापुरा
    C. दिवराला
    D. आसपुरा
    Answer: B

    नाहरगढ़ के क़िले का निर्माण किसने करवाया था?
    A. माधोसिंह
    B. सवाई जयसिंह
    C. मानसिंह
    D. भगवान दास
    Answer: B

    मानसिंह का प्रमुख कवि कौन था?
    A. मानदेव
    B. हापा बारहठ
    C. सोमदेव
    D. निहारी
    Answer: B

    राजस्थान में भोपों का मुख्य वाद्य यंत्र है-
    A. तन्दूरा
    B. रावण हत्था
    C. अलगोजा
    D. कामायता
    Answer: B

    जलालुद्दीन ने जाहिन के दुर्ग पर कब आक्रमण किया, जिसमें उसे सफलता तो मिली, परंतु वह गढ़ पर अधिकार नहीं कर सका?
    A. 1080 ई.
    B. 1298 ई.
    C. 1282 ई.
    D. 1181 ई.
    Answer: C
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    Rohida रोहिड़ा - State Flower of Rajasthan

    रोहिड़ा Rohida or Tecomella undulata is the official state Flower of Rajasthan. Rohida is found in Thar Desert of western Rajasthan. It is a medium-sized tree that produces quality timber and is the main source of timber amongst the indigenous tree species of desert regions of Shekhawati and Marwar in Rajasthan. The trade name of the tree species is Desert teak or Marwar teak.  It occurs on flat and undulating areas including gentle hill slopes and sometimes also in ravines. It thrives very well on stabilized sand dunes, which experience extreme low and high temperatures. Leaves are narrow, somewhat lance-shaped, with wavy margins, 5-12 cm long. In spring time it produces beautiful showy tubular flowers in yellow, orange and red colours.

    Uses of Rohida:

    • Rohida is mainly used as a source of timber. Its wood is strong, tough and durable. It takes a fine finish. Heartwood contains quinoid. 
    • The wood is excellent for firewood and charcoal. 
    • Cattle and goats eat leaves of the tree. Camels, goats and sheep consume flowers and pods.
    • Rohida acts as a soil-binding tree by spreading a network of lateral roots on the top surface of the soil. It acts as a windbreak and helps in stabilizing shifting sand dunes. 
    • It is considered as the home of birds and provides shelter for other desert wildlife.
    • Rohida has got medicinal properties as well. The bark obtained from the stem is used as a remedy for syphilis. It is also used in curing urinary disorders, enlargement of spleen, gonorrhoea, leucoderma and liver diseases. Seeds are used against abscess.

    RSMSSB Recruitment 2016 for Junior Engineers (Civil, Mechanical)

    Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board (RSMSSB), Jaipur invites Online application for the following posts of Junior Engineers (Scheduled-Area) in Rajasthan:
    1. Junior Engineers (Civil) : 29 posts  for Degree holders 
    2. Junior Engineers (Civil) : 55 posts  for Diploma holders
    3. Junior Engineers (Mechanical) : 04 posts for Degree holders
    Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 grade pay Rs. 3600/-
    Age : 18-35 years as on 01/01/2017
    How to Apply : Eligible and interested candidates should go through detail notification and apply Online at RSMSSB website on or before  27th August 2016.
    Last date: 27th August 2016
    For job details visithttp://rsmssb.rajasthan.gov.in