Rajasthan GK Quiz 263

Rajasthan GK Quiz No. 263: Rajasthan General Knowledge Sample Question Paper with Collection 10 Question from for upcoming RAS, REET, Rajasthan Police Bharti, REET, SI, Constable, Patwari and other state exams under GK Quiz in Rajasthan GK Sample Papers. You Can Download Rajasthan GK Free Mobile App for daily current affairs, Rajasthan GK, GK Notes, Objective Quiz at RAJASTHAN GK Mobile App from various examinations of Rajasthan Govt. and central Govt Examinations.

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Rajasthan GK Quiz No. 263:
Arrange the following movements in the ascending chronological order-
(i) Home Rule Movement
(ii) Civil Disobedience Movement
(iii) Khilafat Movement
(iv)Quit India Movement
Correct is-
A. C,A,B,D
B. B,A,C,D
C. A,B,C,D
D. A,C,B,D
Answer: D

Who translated the book ‘Lilawati’ in Persian language in Mughal period?
A. Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana
B. Abdul Qadir Badauni
C. Abul Fazl
D. Abul Faizi
Answer: D

Which was the first Rajput Royal family to have matrimonial alliance with the Mughals?
A. Chouhan
B. Rathore
C. Kachchawahas
D. Guhilot
Answer: C

‘COP’ 23rd annual “Conference of the Parties” (UNFCC) was held at-
A. Helsinki
B. Bonn
C. Paris
D. Stockholm
Answer: B

‘BHORAT PLATEAU’ is located-
A. In the Northwest of Udaipur from
B. From East Delhi to Jaipur
C. From Amber to Nahargarh
D. From Jodhpur to North Ajmer
Answer: A

The biodiversity hotspot of “Succulent Karoo” is situated in-
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Asia
C. Central America
D. Africa
Answer: D

Which of the following groups of districts witnessed lowest female literacy rate as per 2011 census?
A. Jaisalmer , Sirohi ,Jalore, Chittorgarh
B. Jaisalmer, Sirohi, Banswara, Jalore
C. Jaisalmer, Sirohi, Jalore, Barmer
D. Jaisalmer, Sirohi, Barmer, Sawai,-Madhopur
Answer: C

Uspallata Pass is situated in between-
A. Chile and Argentina
B. Kirthar and Sulaiman
C. Leh and Khardungla
D. Lahaul and Spiti
Answer: A

The season of Retreating Monsoon in Rajasthan is-
A. July to August
B. January to February
C. October to December
D. March to June
Answer: C

As per the “State of Forest Report-2017” released by Forest Survey of India, the total area under forest in Rajasthan is-
A. 10.23%
B. 9.57%
C. 9.18%
D. 8.34%
Answer: B

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