Algoza Music Instrument

Algoza or Algoja (अलगोज़ा ) is one of popular wooden Music Instrument of Punjab, Rajasthan and nothern India specially adopted by Sindhi, Rajasthani and Balochi folk musicians, also called Jorhi, Do Nally, Satara or Ngoze. Algoza -A double flute made of bamboo, the algoza works on the same principle as a bagpipe and is a tricky instrument to master. One of the two flutes usually plays a continuous drone while the other plays different notes. The player has to master the art of breathing without letting the sound of the algoza break even for a bit
It resembles a pair of wooden flutes. The musician plays it by using three fingers on each side. Sound is generated by breathing into it rapidly; the quick recapturing of breath on each beat creates a bouncing, swing rhythm. It is generally used as a folk instrument and Punjabi folk singers use it to play traditional music such as Jugni, Jind Mahi, and Mirza. The greatest exponents of Alghoza, however, are the Sindhi musicians (Late) Ustad Khamisu Khan, (Late) Ustad Misri Khan Jamali and Akbar Khamisu Khan (Khamisu Khan's son).


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